Khushboo Special

Exotic aroma of JTC Khushboo Special Tea comes from careful selection of finest tea leaves from upper Assam valley and perfection of the manufacturing process to offer the customers an enriched cup with splendid color, sumptuousness and savor.

This tea is also prepared in the same way as green tea is prepared using the CTC production method. Only difference is that this tea is allowed to oxidize to a greater level so that it obtains its natural color and flavor. It is the most popular type of tea which is regularly enjoyed with milk and sugar. It is also liked as chilled iced tea and can also be mixed with herbs, spices and fruits for further adding up the taste and fragrance.

This assortment of JTC is the ideal health beverage. It contains high amount of polyphenols in which anti-oxidants are presented which helps to fight the free radicals in the body which makes the person prone to certain fatal diseases. It is a perfect tonic for the health, helps in the burning of fat, proves to be effective in the treatment of cancer, arthritis and high cholesterol.

Experience a new revitalizing blend crafted in a somewhat different manner.

Khushboo Special Pouch 1Kg

Khushboo Special Liner carton Rs10

Khushboo Special Liner carton Rs20

Khushboo Special Liner carton 250g

Khushboo Special Pouch 250g

Khushboo Special bag 5Kg