GreenBerry Tea

Green Tea

We are one of the renowned tea manufacturers and exporters of Green Berry Green tea packaging which has higher level of naturally occurring antioxidants due to it being steamed instead of being fermented during the process of tea production. Antioxidants are related with ....Read more
  • GREENBERRY Box 500g
  • GREENBERRY Box 250g

Khushboo Gold

JTC is a principal manufacturer and exporter of black tea. Khushboo Gold Tea offered by JTC flagship brand is carefully picked and oxidized to create an amalgamation of exquisite aroma and taste. The CTC process ensures the perfect infusion of rich color and intoxicating flavor. We promise  ....Read more
  • Khushboo Gold Pouch 1Kg
  • Khushboo Gold Pouch 500g
  • Khushboo Gold Pouch 250g
  • Khushboo Gold Poly Rs10
  • Khushboo Gold Poly Rs 5
  • Khushboo Gold Bag 5Kg
  • Khushboo Gold Liner Carton 250g

Khushboo Special

Exotic aroma of JTC Khushboo Special Tea comes from careful selection of finest tea leaves from upper Assam valley and perfection of the manufacturing process to offer the customers an enriched cup with splendid color, sumptuousness and savor. This tea is also prepared in the s ....Read more
  • Khushboo Special Pouch 1Kg
  • Khushboo Special Liner carton Rs10
  • Khushboo Special Liner carton Rs20
  • Khushboo Special Liner carton 250g
  • Khushboo Special Pouch 250g
  • Khushboo Special bag 5Kg