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JTC Tea Industries Pvt. Ltd. today represents quality tea manufacturer established to develop value added tea with product and brand presence all across its consumers. The consolidated branded tea business of JTC contributes to most of its turnover. JTC grows and processes high quality tea from tea leaves carefully hand picked and processed for that perfect blend of taste enjoyed by millions of consumers everyday.


Be a leading tea based beverage company

JTC has flavor tea certification from THE Tea Board of India, we are ISO 22000 : 2005 Certified. Our Quality and standard is our strength. The highly experienced personnel manage a Modern Tea Testing lab fitted with latest equipment. Qualified professionals pack the teas under hygienic conditions equipped with automatic machines at a state-of-art production facility so that product offered to our consumers is always the same on every use with every purchase.

We being a noted tea manufacturer and supplier accept that every sip of tea must be full of delicious taste and fragrance. For this we put upon our maximum efforts in processing the tea leaves into a relishing cup of delightful tea.

Here, we present to you the method adopted by us in the manufacturing of tea starting from plucking of tea leaves to its ending stage. This method is referred to as CTC method.


CTC manufacturing process of tea:

We carry out the Cut, Tear and Curl (CTC) method produced tea which is perfect in flavor, blending, odor and taste. In this method of tea production, following stages are followed:

  • Plucking
  • Withering
  • Rolling
  • Fermentation
  • Drying
  • Sorting
  • Packaging

Plucking – The leaves are handpicked carefully from estates spread across many states. Then, the stems, broken leaves and twigs are removed from them to make them uniform.

Withering- It is in fact the first stage of the manufacturing process wherein the leaves are spread in withering troughs immediately after being plucked and dry air is allowed to pass through them to decrease the moisture content up to a standard level. This process takes about 12 to 20 hours and the leaves become flaccid.

Rolling- It is in this stage that the leaf which has been withered is given the texture and character which is desired by crushing the cell structure of the leaf on being passed through a rotor vane shredder and later on, through cylindrical rollers that crush, twist and curl the flaccid leaves. Then, these cut leaves are given a round shape, color and texture.

Fermentation- After the rolling stage, the leaves are left to rest for some hours, so that they get oxidized, that is the enzymes which are now exposed get in contact with the oxygen in the air. The chemical composition of the leaves is changed and they turn reddish-brown in color. This step results in the developing many fantastic and intricate flavors in tea.

Drying- In this phase, the leaves are heated on high temperatures to stop the fermentation process and harden their structure by removing the moisture content.

Sorting- Here, the dried tea is passed through the sorting machine, where it is categorized into different grades based upon its size.

Packaging- Finally the sorted tea is packed for storing it in warehouses from where it is made available to the customers in packets or in tea bags.

We taste the fruits of our hard work put in tea production process when you find the taste of our tea enjoyable.


JTC is the brand name in production of many variants of tea. Tea is the first drink of the day for many tea consumers all over the world. JTC has excelled in production and distribution. From past many years JTC has been renowned by chain of satisfied consumers.

We have been marketing their products to different industries such as hotels, hospitals, canteens, government organizations, modern trade centers, industrial sector and retail chains.

JTC has a strong presence all over India with many retail stores and marketing mediums. The company has regularly advertised in various media and strategies and implemented numerous brand promotion exercises.